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The passionately-crafted menu reflects a synthesis of French and South African cuisines, with an exciting new twist. Manna’s chef, for example, has reinterpreted the French classic dishes with a South African flair. One also notices a distinct focus on the main dish which is left uninterrupted by the usual distracting garnishes. Instead, guests can curate their very own taste experiences by choosing from an array of side dishes such as the chef’s favourite: tender organic baby carrots, sweetened by the delicate buchu herb – indigenous to the Western Cape.

Manna Epicure is the epitome of exquisite dining, with an emphasis on authenticity of cuisine, beautiful styling and impeccable hospitality

Manna exclusively uses dry aged premium beef – a very special and hard-to-find beef which is rated higher in quality than both Karan and Sparta beef; Thire butcher expertly ages the beef an additional four weeks to the original two.
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I always say, "set the table with a fork and a spoon", because our beef is so tender...

About us

In the glamorously frenetic world of London hospitality, two extraordinarily different souls came together to cause a delicious, dynamic fusion of the most chic French flair with a rustic South African approach to experimental food science and a passion for conjuring new combinations of world flavours – all underpinned by classic French styling and a commitment to authenticity.
Hailing from the French island of Corsica, Agnes personifies all that is sophisticated, delightful and elegant. She gives her guests, not simply a gastronomic adventure, but an exquisite experience for all the senses that linger long after the last mouthful, exemplifying her maxim that service should not only be efficient, but delivered with impeccable heart and style.
Jonny finds his roots deep in the soil of Citrusdal: a boere-seuntjie with international experience, a thirst for knowledge and unendlingly delighted by blending South African and French flavours. Inspired principally by South African cuisine and the acclaimed food scientist, Harold McGee, Jonny uses physics, passion and sheer creativity to bring truly heavenly gourmet to the Manna table.







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Manna Epicure Restaurant
151 Kloof Street

Cape Town

tel: 021 426 2413
Twitter: @Mannaepicure