Agnes exudes a delicious French joie de vivre and spectacular attention to detail which touches every facet of Manna: from welcoming the guests, interacting with her staff, to providing an unforgettably beautiful experience.
‘I believe a restaurant is a theatre. People yearn to be entertained: they arrive hungry – for food, for joy, for beauty. This is what we love to give our guests. At the start of each new day, I say to my staff, “IT'S SHOWTIME!”’ 
Growing up in a family on the little island of Corsica - celebrating food and cooking - Agnes took her culinary passion abroad to France, London, Dubai and America. After meeting Jonny, they spent a few quieter years in the sleepy farming town of Citrusdal in the Western Cape, then packed their bags to open their theatre of heavenly cuisine in the shadow of Table Mountain.
Chef Jonny

“I love cooking! Cooking is the ultimate self-expressive art form. That's why every plate that comes out of my kitchen is a piece of me.
I love simple food and believe that each ingredient is unique in its flavour, texture, aroma & colour, and must be prepared it in a way that celebrates it; I refuse to dilute the essence of an ingredient by over-combining it with other ingredients. This is why we serve our main dishes solo – with a palette of side dishes so you can so you can curate your own culinary experience .
I believe there is simply no better way to show love than through food. My menu is meant to be shared between the people you love, sharing platters between themselves in an intimate, exuberant celebration of life, love and food!”