The Exciting Origin Story of Our Beautiful Restaurant

"Manna, a South African French fusion restaurant in Cape Town "

Welcome to Manna Epicure

Welcome to Manna Epicure

The Manna Epicure Story...

In the bustling world of London's hospitality scene, two uniquely different people came together. The Manna Epicure story started when they created something truly special, and as a result, a top-rated restaurant in Cape Town was born.

Blending chic French flair with a rustic South African touch, they crafted a dynamic fusion of flavors, all with a commitment to authenticity and classic French styling.


Where it all started…

Agnes comes from the beautiful French island of Corsica. She embodies sophistication, elegance, and delight. Consequently, she offers guests not just a meal, but a full sensory experience that stays with you long after the last bite because she believes service should be efficient and delivered with genuine heart and style.

Manna Epicure StoryContinuing the Manna Epicure story, we move over to Chef Jonny, who, on the other hand was rooted in Citrusdal. He was a true “boere-seuntjie” with a passion for international flavors. His love for combining South African and French cuisine, inspired by his fine dining experience, brought a unique and creative flair to Manna Epicure’s table.

Though Chef Jonny sadly passed away in April 2017, but the Manna Epicure story continues with Agnes continuing to run Manna Epicure with the same passion and dedication, supported by her amazing team.

I believe a restaurant is a theatre. People yearn to be entertained: they arrive hungry – for food, for joy, for beauty. This is what we love to give our guests. At the start of each new day, I say to my staff, “IT'S SHOWTIME!

Agnes, Owner

Agnés' French flair and absolute passion is evident in everything she does

Meet the people behind manna

Meet the people behind manna


Agnes exudes a delightful French joie de vivre and spectacular attention to detail, touching every facet of Manna Epicure. From welcoming guests and interacting with staff to providing an unforgettable experience, her influence is everywhere.

"I believe a restaurant is a theatre. People yearn to be entertained; they arrive hungry for food, joy, and beauty. This is what we love to give our guests. At the start of each new day, I say to my staff, 'IT'S SHOWTIME!'"

Growing up in Corsica, a small island where food and cooking are celebrated, Agnes took her culinary passion to France, London, Dubai, and America. After meeting Chef Jonny, they spent a few quieter years in Citrusdal in the Western Cape before opening their theatre of heavenly cuisine in the shadow of Table Mountain.


Coming From Citrusdal, he was the inspiration of our fantastic South African side

Chef Jonny

"I love cooking! Cooking is the ultimate self-expressive art form. That's why every plate that comes out of my kitchen is a piece of me.

I love simple food and believe each ingredient is unique in its flavor, texture, aroma, and color. Each ingredient must be prepared in a way that celebrates it. I refuse to dilute the essence of an ingredient by over-combining it with others.

There is simply no better way to show love than through food. My menu is meant to be shared among loved ones, with sharing platters that create an intimate, exuberant celebration of life, love, and food!"

Sadly, Chef Jonny passed away in April 2017. Agnes decided to keep Manna Epicure alive to honor his life and their shared passion.