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The Launch of the Manna Bakehouse should get you excited

Since we moved to our bigger space, the launch of the Manna Bakehouse was our main priority. Manna has always been known for their great bread and cakes, but now we’re stepping it up a notch…

"Nothing beats the smell of walking into a space where something has just been freshly baked"

One of the main reasons for us moving to a new location is that our vision for Manna has outgrown the space we were in. 

We needed some more space to focus on all the great ideas we had running around in our minds. 

One of them was the launch of the Manna Bakehouse.

Manna has been baking their own bread for a long time, apart from a small gap in time during the Lockdowns. When we moved to the new premises, it took us a while to find a new baker with the necessary skills to start that up again, but we did, and we are baking our own amazing breads again.

In the meantime, the owner Agnés, has found a love for the sweeter side of baking!

She loves experimenting with new techniques and the desserts and sweet, baked goodies from her is sensational!



Manna Bakehouse
Our Delicious Canelé

With the launch of the Manna Bakehouse, we hope to grow this new venture into seperate business as a part of our Deli and the “take-home” range that we are busy developing.

Agnés is happiest developing new recipes for incredible sweet treats, and these are also available on order for your special occasions, celebrated either at Manna or at home.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in any of these amazing creations. Please do give us a fair notice, because some of these incredible desserts take up to 4 days to create.

Our Bread and Pastries gets baked fresh daily and is available either in-store or via Uber Eats Delivery

Keen on Afternoon Tea with some Delicious Treats?

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