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Experience the Warm Heart of Winter with our Lamb Ragu

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Winter isn't all bad with our Lamb Ragu Promotion

It’s that time of the year when Cape Town as a whole goes into hibernation, but this delicious combo of our Lamb Ragu and the Provenance Shiraz is the perfect reason to come out from it.

Some people LOVE Winter, but most Capetonians don’t. We tend to lock ourselves indoor with our PJ’s and Uber Eats and hope and pray for Summer to come back. 

This winter is a bit different though…

We have paired up with the good folk from the incredible Saronsberg Winery to bring some joy to an otherwise miserable Winter.

Lamb Ragu

For the whole of Winter, we will be running a promotion in conjunction with them to offer you a match made in heaven.

Our slow-cooked Leg of Lamb Ragù, tossed in our home made Tagliatelle, and paired with their beautifully balanced Saronsberg Provenance Shiraz, is an incredible combination for a cold, Winter’s night.

But it gets better

How does this beautiful Pairing work? Well, usually our Saronsberg Provenance Shiraz is R80 per glass on our Winelist, but if you have it with our Lamb Ragu, you only pay R70.

But it gets even better than that!

We have decided that to make it even more special, every Wednesday you will only pay R50 for your glass of Saronsberg Provenance Shiraz when taken with our Lamb Ragu!

How much more amazing value do you want?!

South African French Fusion Restaurant

Making Winter Bearable again

So there you have it! Every day is special with this pairing, but Wednesdays are even better with an amazing R30 off from the listed price of this amazing wine!

If you’re not sure what to do on Wednesdays, now you have a great idea! 

Hope you get to experience tis blissful combination soon.


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Celebrate our new Manna Membership Program with us!

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After a Decade of bringing Joy, the Manna Membership is Finally Here.

Manna has brought you the best for the last 10 years, and now you have the opportunity to become part of our family with the Manna Membership

Manna have been around for a long time and has seen some incredible challenges and changes, but we’ve also experienced an incredible journey. This has inspired us to create the Manna Membership to celebrate those that made it all possible – YOU.

Manna MembershipManna has gone from a young lady and over the years have grown up to become an elegant Dame. From Humble beginnings at the Top of Kloof Street, to the now Beautiful venue that we occupy on one of the most iconic Corners in Cape Town, the journey has been nothing less than remarkable.

We have developed the Manna Membership to celebrate the good people that made it all possible – our incredible guests. 

The Manna Membership program has been developed to bring our loyal patrons the best of what we had – and will have – to offer.

What the Manna Membership Entails

The following is a list of all the benefits that you as a Manna Member will receive:

  •  We kick it off with an incredible offer: Every time you refer a friend to join our program, you will receive 10%* of their membership fee to spend at Manna!
  • Even though we do not offer it anymore since we have moved to the new venue, as a Manna Member, you will receive a 50% discount on breakfast food before 9am everyday 10am on Winter operating times) even on public holidays.
  • A 10% discount on your total bill will apply for dining at any other given time.
  • All tables of 6 diners or more for lunch or dinner will be offered a bottle of manna’s selected MCC on arrival.
  • Members will be invited to all baking classes once launched (Value R500/class), 5 classes a year.
  • All members will receive an exclusive 20% discount on all merchandise bought during the baking classes.
  • A discount of 10% on all retail products including manna’s cookbook. (Manna is also launching its retail range soon).
  • Members will have first access to reservations for events hosted at manna before they get advertised, like wine tastings with the maker, Wine dinners, auction nights, Xmas Eve Dinner, New Year’s Dinner and any other exciting upcoming event.
  • All members will also receive a 20% discount on participating wine farms present on Manna’s Wine list when ordering wine  directly from the Farm.
  • No venue hire fee on private functions like Birthdays, Baby Showers, or Corporate Functions.

AND to sweeten the deal even more, if you become a member during July and August you will receive 5 discount meal vouchers of 20% each to gift to your friends! 

*Excluding VAT

What an INCREDIBLE list of benefits of joining the Manna Membership Program!

What do you Expect to Pay for all these Benefits?

Manna MembershipWe have thought long and hard on how much we would like to charge for all these incredible benefits, but because it is to say a heartfelt thank you to our loyal guests, we have decided to keep it ridiculously fair.

The YEARLY Membership, including all the Incredible Benefits, will cost you a measly R500 per month in a one-time payment of R6000 for the year, valid from the day of purchase for 365 days.

How amazing is that value!!

We do hope that you will take us up on this offer and accept this offer to show our appreciation for being here for us!

Have a look at Or Menus

Join us for a Wonderful afternoon Tea and Bubbly!

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Afternoon Tea is our favourite way to spend a lazy Afternoon

What a great way to Spoil or get spoiled! Coming for Afternoon Tea, starting with some South African Bubbles while enjoying some exciting sandwiches and desserts – all while sitting with the people you appreciate spending time with.

A great way to spend a lazy afternoon!

This is what the Afternoon Tea at Manna is all about!

When, Where and How

First off, your reservation for the Afternoon Tea needs to be made at least 48 hours in advance. 

Afternoon TeaAll the goodies are made on order and some of these exciting desserts require a lot of time to finish. Advance notice for the Afternoon Tea is essential to ensure an incredible experience.

The price per person is R275 and it is only available between 14h and 16h every day. 

Afternoon Tea is meant to enjoy with at least one more person, so we require a minimum of 2 people for the reservation.

What is Included

Along with a selection of Savoury Tartlets and Mini-Sandwiches, there will also be some incredibly exciting sweet desserts that comes from our Bakehouse. Agnés creates these innovative sweet treats herself and they are guaranteed to blow you away every time.

Afternoon TeaIncluded with these amazing treats, is a glass of Graham Beck, one of South Africa’s best Cap Classiques to compliment these amazing flavours. Along with that, you will have a choice of one of our fantastic teas produced and blended by Enmasse.

This is definitely an experience not to be missed! 

So what are you waiting for? Book your table HERE, or use the “Book Now” widget at the side of the page and book your fantastic Afternoon Tea experience at Manna Epicure Today!

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Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset with our 1/2 Price Cocktail Special

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Skip the Traffic and join us for our half price Cocktail Special!

Sitting in traffic sucks. With apartment blocks popping up everywhere like pimples on a teenager’s face, it will only get worse!

But fear not…

We’ve got you.

Enters our Half Price Cocktail Special...

We have paired up with some extraordinary brands with the good local people from Kinship Spirits and the popular folks over at RGBC to bring you a list of exciting Cocktails.

These liquid works of art have been developed in close cooperation with our Barmen to make sure we give only the freshest and most exciting combinations of flavours.

Cocktail SpecialWe have also paired this magnificent Cocktail menu with some truly unique, Mediterranean-style snacks to make sure that you do not consume these cocktails on an empty stomach. We’re nice like that…

But This is not even the best part… Every day from 4pm to 6:30pm, we offer these amazing pots of liquid gold at a 50% discount! Just enough time for you to beat the worst of the traffic rush and still make it home in time for an early dinner.

The Snacks

Enjoy a selection of tapas-style dishes like flatbread topped with Garlic Snails, or with shredded pork, or our delicious Crispy Potato skins.

This exciting menu is available all day.

The Future of our Cocktail Venture

If you have been to Manna recently, you would’ve noticed that we are slowly busy getting our side patio outside ready. We are planning a beautiful Cocktail Space in conjunction with Amaretto, the beautiful Almond Liquor. 

With a bar counter planned which has a stunning view of the Sun setting on Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain, this will be the perfect space to host your very own intimate cocktail party, or just enjoy our fantastic Sunset Cocktail Special – your choice…

Feel free to come give us a visit and enjoy some amazing Cocktails for every palate!

This Special runs every day that we are open, from 4pm to 6:30pm

Find us HERE...

Sundays are better with our Exquisite Lamb Spitbraai Experience

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The Manna Lamb Spitbraai

What better way to spend a Sunday than a Manna Lamb Spitbraai?!

It all sort of started by accident… 

It was something that we have wanted to try for a while, but the  thought of a Manna Lamb Spitbraai and the actual logistics of having a Spitbraai on our property was a bit daunting.

However, one weekend at the end of March, we decided that we were going to take the chance.

The Winds of Fortune

We decided to contact a company for this first Sunday’s Manna Lamb Spitbraai. It was incredibly windy that day – I think if you are Capetonian, you will vividly remember the day.

The Gentleman doing the Spitbraai said that it was gas and that it would be impossible to do it where we though would be the best space, however, that it would be possible to do it inside.

We were a bit confused, but he assured us that it is very possible to do it indoors because there’s no smoke and the heat is well contained.

Right there, the concept of the Sunday Manna Lamb Spitbraai was born.

A Growing Success

After our first successful Sunday Lamb Spitbraai, and given the fact that it was so easy to do indoors, we decided to do it every second Sunday.

Because we only have a limited amount of Lamb to sell at every Spitbraai, we decided that once we sell out consistently every second Sunday, we will start doing it every Sunday as popularity grows.

As we stand now, in the middle of June, we have sold out for the last two Spitbraai’s. The time is near that we will start doing it every Sunday, so watch this space!

What does it entail?

The Manna Sunday Lamb Spitbraai entails a healthy portion of plated lamb. This is complimented with a winter table salad, baby potatos that were roasted under the roasting Lamb Spitbraai, along with a homemade Garlic Ciabatta per every 2 people. 

You get all this for ONLY R275 per person!

We will be having them on the following Dates – June 30th, then we go on annual leave from 8th to 23rd July, then 28th July, 11th August and 25th August. 

We will most probably continue with this for another month or two – or even more, so watch this space!

Booking is ESSENTIAL to ensure that there is still some left, so go ahead and BOOK YOUR TABLE HERE!

If you would like to see our other specials, check out the rest of our posts HERE.

Manna Lamb Spitbraai

The Thrilling Manna Steak Special, round 2 of Incredible Value!

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The Popular Manna Steak Special - "Meaty Tuesdays"!

Manna Stek Special

We did it last year, and THIS year, we’re doing it again…

Steak is sort of our thing… If you don’t believe us, look at what the Steak Boys as well as Restaurant Guru has to say about them!

Last year for the Manna Steak Special we paired our Exceptional Quality Sirloin with Glenelly Merlot, but this year we have partnered up with Thelema and include a glass of their Mountain Red with our Sirloin.

The Wine

The Thelema Mountain Red is a stunning blend of Shiraz, Petit Verdot and Grenache with a velvety mouthfeel and exceptional flavours of fruit and spice.

This pairs beautifully with our matured 250g Sirloin, served with some of the best Onion Rings in Cape Town.

The Sides

There is a selection of sides curated especially for the Manna Steak Special, which includes winners like our Mac ‘n Cheese and our Baked potato with Cream Cheese and Chives, topped with crunchy Bacon Bits.

Spoil yourself with adding a sauce to your steak and pick from Classic options like a Pepper sauce, our Chunky Mushroom Sauce, or the classic Bearnaise.

The Rest

If Sirloin isn’t your thing, we still serve the rest of our Menu on Tuesdays so feel free to bring your friends that would rather have a cut of one of our other stunning cuts  of steak – or even your vegetarian friends! 

Feel free to browse our Menus HERE before your visit and you’ll see there’s something for everybody!

So make sure you do not miss out on the Manna Steak Special before it ends in October! Booking is essential to make sure you get your spot.

When is it?

The Manna Steak Special is available EVERY TUESDAY, for the WHOLE day and will run until mid-October.

For convenient reservations, use the “Book Now” Button at the top of the page, or the booking Calendar on the side.

So hope to see you here!