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Stay up to date with all the Manna Events and Special Promotions, along with all the other good things we have to share!

Special Events

Manna is known for incredible evenings like our “Dine with the Winemaker” evenings. Stay up to date with who the next Winemaker will be, as well as the menu for the evenings like these. These will also include events like our Spitbraai and special holidays, so you don’t want to miss these!

Running Specials

This is also where you will find the specials we run every week, like our famous Steak and Red wine special, as well as our Cocktail specials. Definitely news you want to stay updated on!

News and Recipes

Here,  we will also share some general news on our venue, our great staff, along with some of our most famous recipes from our menu and very own in-house Cookbook. 

Extra Offers

We will inform you of all the great things we offer over and above the usual, like for instance private functions, hiring out our Chef for private Catering, and all the other good things we do.

Check back frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important or Exciting!

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