Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset with our 1/2 Price Cocktail Special

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Skip the Traffic and join us for our half price Cocktail Special!

Sitting in traffic sucks. With apartment blocks popping up everywhere like pimples on a teenager’s face, it will only get worse!

But fear not…

We’ve got you.

Enters our Half Price Cocktail Special...

We have paired up with some extraordinary brands with the good local people from Kinship Spirits and the popular folks over at RGBC to bring you a list of exciting Cocktails.

These liquid works of art have been developed in close cooperation with our Barmen to make sure we give only the freshest and most exciting combinations of flavours.

Cocktail SpecialWe have also paired this magnificent Cocktail menu with some truly unique, Mediterranean-style snacks to make sure that you do not consume these cocktails on an empty stomach. We’re nice like that…

But This is not even the best part… Every day from 4pm to 6:30pm, we offer these amazing pots of liquid gold at a 50% discount! Just enough time for you to beat the worst of the traffic rush and still make it home in time for an early dinner.

The Snacks

Enjoy a selection of tapas-style dishes like flatbread topped with Garlic Snails, or with shredded pork, or our delicious Crispy Potato skins.

This exciting menu is available all day.

The Future of our Cocktail Venture

If you have been to Manna recently, you would’ve noticed that we are slowly busy getting our side patio outside ready. We are planning a beautiful Cocktail Space in conjunction with Amaretto, the beautiful Almond Liquor. 

With a bar counter planned which has a stunning view of the Sun setting on Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain, this will be the perfect space to host your very own intimate cocktail party, or just enjoy our fantastic Sunset Cocktail Special – your choice…

Feel free to come give us a visit and enjoy some amazing Cocktails for every palate!

This Special runs every day that we are open, from 4pm to 6:30pm

Find us HERE...

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