The Thrilling Manna Steak Special, round 2 of Incredible Value!

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The Popular Manna Steak Special - "Meaty Tuesdays"!

Manna Stek Special

We did it last year, and THIS year, we’re doing it again…

Steak is sort of our thing… If you don’t believe us, look at what the Steak Boys as well as Restaurant Guru has to say about them!

Last year for the Manna Steak Special we paired our Exceptional Quality Sirloin with Glenelly Merlot, but this year we have partnered up with Thelema and include a glass of their Mountain Red with our Sirloin.

The Wine

The Thelema Mountain Red is a stunning blend of Shiraz, Petit Verdot and Grenache with a velvety mouthfeel and exceptional flavours of fruit and spice.

This pairs beautifully with our matured 250g Sirloin, served with some of the best Onion Rings in Cape Town.

The Sides

There is a selection of sides curated especially for the Manna Steak Special, which includes winners like our Mac ‘n Cheese and our Baked potato with Cream Cheese and Chives, topped with crunchy Bacon Bits.

Spoil yourself with adding a sauce to your steak and pick from Classic options like a Pepper sauce, our Chunky Mushroom Sauce, or the classic Bearnaise.

The Rest

If Sirloin isn’t your thing, we still serve the rest of our Menu on Tuesdays so feel free to bring your friends that would rather have a cut of one of our other stunning cuts  of steak – or even your vegetarian friends! 

Feel free to browse our Menus HERE before your visit and you’ll see there’s something for everybody!

So make sure you do not miss out on the Manna Steak Special before it ends in October! Booking is essential to make sure you get your spot.

When is it?

The Manna Steak Special is available EVERY TUESDAY, for the WHOLE day and will run until mid-October.

For convenient reservations, use the “Book Now” Button at the top of the page, or the booking Calendar on the side.

So hope to see you here!

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